5 short films about plastic

If you’re hosting an event or want something to get people thinking and talking about plastic at your meeting, here’s 5 short films about plastic that could help.

Showing a short film can be a great way to introduce a topic and illustrate an issue in a snappy and concise way.

Here’s Why Plastic is so Much Worse Than You Think (3:20)

Computer animated film showing how plastic ends up in the oceans and is ingested by marine animals, and some ideas for what you can do to help including urban cleans, buying plastic-free and recycling.


How We Can Keep Plastic Out of Our Ocean (3:10)

This short film shows how plastic ends up in the ocean and is broken down into small pieces which are eaten by marine animals. It also looks at how tiny particles of plastic end up back in the soil.




Plastic ocean (7:28)

A hard-hitting look at how plastic is carried on the ocean currents all over the world and how it affects marine animals and is fed to young birds by their mothers.

Three Animated Short Films Ocean Plastics

Ok so this is technically 3 films, but they’re all really short and very powerful. They’re stop-motion animations illustrating the problem of plastic pollution and how it spreads around the globe, by animator and filmmaker Alice Dunseath using plastic found on the shores of Britain and Hawaii.
It’s a Plastic World (4:40)

Short animated film showing how plastic breaks up into tiny pieces and how they end up in the oceans and impact marine life. Warning: the video also talks about impacts on human health - we need to be cautious around this as there currently isn’t enough research out there for us to make these sorts of claims confidently. You could either stop the video half way through or explain that there are concerns about the impacts on our health but that research still needs to be done.
Following up your film showing

If you’ve organised an event and shown one of these films, here are some top tips to make sure you make people stay involved with your campaign.

  • Take a sign in sheet and make sure everyone leaves their contact details (important: don’t forget to ensure your form is compliant with the new data protection law – click here for more details)
  • Give people a chance to talk to you and each other about what interests them and what they might like to do next
  • Make sure people are aware of future dates and plans and how they can help shape them
  • Ask them to sign the petition to help reduce plastic in the oceans at https://act.friendsoftheearth.uk/act/help-reduce-plastic-oceans