Action #4: Take a holding-your-breath selfie 

Summary: Take a photo of yourself holding your breath, with our Clean Air Everywhere poster as well if you can. Then post it online and send it to us by email. 

People needed: 1+ 

What you'll need: Camera and A3 poster (provided with the Action Pack). 

Outraged by dirty air? Then don't breathe it (for a few seconds at least)! Show your support for the movement by taking a picture of yourself holding your breath, and post it on social media with the hashtag #CleanAirEverywhere. Social media is a great way to spread the word about the need to clean up our air, and get creative with simple evocative imagery.  

Use the A3 poster as a backdrop, or position yourself in front of an area relevant to the issue (e.g. in front of your local park, where the air is clean, or at a busy intersection where you'd like to see action). 

Make sure to invite your friends, family and followers to do the same. For maximum impact on Twitter, tag your MP using the @ sign so they get the message direct. 

You can also send it to with your location and 'Week of Action' in the subject line. Include any details about who's in the photo in the body of the email.