Thank you for logging onto this Clean Air action guide. I hope you’ll find everything you need to help tackle air pollution, both where you live and across the country.

I’m really excited to have you on board – there are already lots of great stories unfolding of amazing campaigning, actions and events all over the UK to clean up our air.

There are lots of sources of air pollution, from coal-fired power stations to incinerators, and they all must be taken on. But because pollution from traffic - chiefly from diesel vehicles - is our biggest and most urgent problem, we’re starting by helping the UK to ditch diesel by 2025.

The blight of diesel pollution is in all our towns and cities and contributes significantly to 40,000 premature deaths from dirty air every year. Asthma, heart disease and even lung cancer, all linked to air pollution – wreak havoc on people’s lives. Children are particularly vulnerable too.

lots of solutions

Luckily, lots of the solutions for cleaning up the air where you live are already out there:

  • Hybrid and electric buses to replace heavily polluting diesels.
  • Clean Air Zones to cut traffic in all towns and cities.
  • Better public transport to encourage leaving the car at home.
  • Pollution monitoring gadgets to identify dirty air hotspots and help push for action.
  •  Investment in cycling and walking to make car-free journeys a safe, attractive alternative.
  • Ditching diesel vehicles: a scrappage scheme to help people swap the worst polluters for electrics and hybrids.

In this guide

In this guide you’ll find handy tips and resources to support all kinds of local and national activities that will help the UK to ditch diesel, such as:

  • Helping to monitor air pollution near you.
  •  Joining with others locally to lobby your local decision makers, organise public meetings or car-free days.
  • Working with schools to protect the lungs of children.
  • Helping to spread the word to increase awareness and support for cleaner air.
  • And of course, coming up with your own ideas and activities to support the cause.

If you’re new to campaigning or new to the issue of air pollution, this pack has everything you need to get started. And if you’re a seasoned air pollution campaigner, we hope you’ll find some fresh ideas, resources and tactics.

No matter how much time you have to spare, there are activities that you can get involved in, be it signing a petition in a couple of minutes, all the way to leading a local campaign against air pollution. We’ll do our best to support you with whatever you choose to do.

thank you

So thank you for logging onto this guide and taking this vital step in the fight to clean up our air. Together we can build the momentum to take on diesel and ensure everyone everywhere can breathe clean, safe air.

If you have any comments or suggestions on this guide, please contact us at cleanair@foe.co.uk.

Ted and the Clean Air Team

P.S. You can follow the latest developments on Friends of the Earth’s air pollution campaigning on our main campaign homepage.