Five key step changes in how we work to reach our goal


Campaigning impact: an unwavering focus on making positive change

We will run and win a diverse package of inspirational and transformational campaigns that: engage high volumes of people from priority audiences; and deliver long lasting impact in support of our organisational goal. The victories along the way will rarely be ours alone; in many, perhaps even most, cases they will primarily be those of communities and individuals on the frontline, and of the work we do in partnership with others.

We will innovate and experiment with the type of campaigns we run, learning and adjusting quickly where the data shows we’ve failed. We will co-create priority campaigns with our changemakers and with the people most directly-affected by the issue. We’ll use a balanced set of indicators and narrative interpretation to judge our impact, not just our outputs.


Great supporter experience: amplifying the "friends" in Friends of the Earth

Everyone who works with us or contributes to achieving our goal is a true Friend of the Earth, whether they donate, sign a petition, run a local group or sit on our Board. Our supporter experience will leave each and every person feeling like the valued changemaker that they are.

We ensure that everyone can benefit from the sense of friendship that comes from making change together. People will have a warm, friendly, enjoyable time with us, and meet other like-minded people. We will express our values openly and consistently and show our personality, to engage people on an emotional as well as rational level. We will create new ways for people to connect with others who want to take action on similar issues, investing more in tailored and personalised communications. We’ll listen as part of a genuine conversation.

We will understand and meet the needs of the people who get involved with us, focusing on priority audiences, and so increase the long term loyalty, value and impact of our supporter base.


Disruptive innovation: a bold, creative approach to change

Changing the world means shaking up the ways things are done. That goes for us as an organisation, as well as for the political, economic, cultural and technological systems we influence, to stay relevant in a crowded sector of fast, (digitally) smart changemakers.

To create space for grassroots action, we will be brave in leading debate around controversial issues that others fear to touch. We will be unafraid to take unpopular positions or to make life difficult for powerful organisations. We will commission and publish rigorous research to underpin our analysis of problems and our proposed solutions. We will expose wrongdoing through investigations and use of legal expertise.

We will make our digital channels central to how we make change happen. We will create digital platforms to enable people and groups in our networks in England, Wales and Northern Ireland to: take targeted, creative, engaging actions on our national campaigns; start and run their own campaigns; organise real world action together; to connect and share (skills, expertise, solidarity) with each other in the UK and beyond.

We’ll judiciously adopt ways of working, such as Agile cross-disciplinary teams, that learn from innovative start-up culture, and we’ll actively experiment with new models of making change.


Communities and networks: local-to-global-to-local

One of Friends of the Earth’s greatest strengths is that our grassroots approach, characterised by friendship and solidarity, operates at every level from local to global. We will empower many more people to be leaders for change and connect with more communities (through our local groups and through other partnerships). We will help people and communities taking action with us nationally and with our networks in each part of England, Wales and Northern Ireland to connect with millions of others in Friends of the Earth Europe and Friends of the Earth International to learn from and support each other. We enjoy a close relationship with Friends of the Earth Scotland and Ireland.

As Friends of the Earth England, Wales and Northern Ireland we act together as one organisation. But each nation brings something special to the whole.


People: building a more diverse, inclusive network and nurturing talent

As an organisation we actively seek to work with people currently under-represented in our campaigns, and we support, encourage and expect our network to do the same. Supported by an action-learning approach, all staff will be expected to take steps in their work to help us become more diverse and inclusive.

We will speak out on issues of discrimination and injustice, such as environmental racism. We will partner with Black and Minority Ethnic organisations on shared projects and we will work with existing BME supporters to understand what we can do to broaden our relevance and remove barriers. We will not assume that the task we face is to get people over there to come and join our campaigns; rather it is to identify areas of mutual interest to work on together, building trust and understanding.

We value our staff and volunteers. We will develop a culture that reflects and rewards our values, and where friendship and solidarity flourish, while behaviours that don’t live up to our values are addressed swiftly and fairly.  We will grow and develop talent, not just among our staff but across our whole family. We will place a strong emphasis on the people skills of empathy, listening, inspiring, organising and leadership.