Get a free urban beach clean kit

Did you know that up to 95% of the plastic litter in our oceans actually comes from our towns, cities and villages, making its way to the sea through rivers, drains and waterways? And it’s not just people deliberately littering – rubbish put in the bin or placed out for recycling can still find its way to the ocean, often as a result of overflowing bins or high winds. 

The positive news is that this means we can all make a difference to the issue of ocean plastic pollution  – whether we live close to a beach, or not. By picking up a plastic bottle or sweet wrapper where you live and making sure it gets recycled or disposed of correctly, you are directly helping to protect marine life from the threat of plastic pollution. Sadly, 56% of whale and dolphin species have already been observed ingesting plastic, which can have fatal consequences - only a few weeks ago a pilot whale in Thailand died as a result of eating 80 plastic bags it had mistaken for food.

Our friends at Whale and Dolphin Conservation are offering free #UrbanBeachClean kits to Friends of the Earth supporters and local groups interested in running a litter pick to help tackle ocean plastic pollution. Email to order your free pack.