Our 2016-2020 strategy towards our 2030 goal

England, Wales and Northern Ireland

Protecting our future

Every generation thinks they are special, and they are. But we face a unique challenge. People’s quality of life, and increasingly their existence, across the world is under threat in a way never seen before, as a result of extreme environmental degradation. Turning this situation around is our generation’s primary responsibility, for what we do will irrevocably shape the life chances not only of people now, but of generations to come.

In 1971 when Friends of the Earth England, Wales and Northern Ireland began, the environment was a marginal concern for a minority. Now it is mainstream. People overwhelmingly back action on climate change, support renewable energy, and want to protect wildlife – not only for its intrinsic value, but because our fate is inextricably bound up with that of the rest of nature.

Our job is to help people turn their concerns into action for transformational change, connecting people, whoever they are and whatever their background, across our three nations with each other and with their counterparts across the globe. We are part of the millions-strong Friends of the Earth International, the world’s biggest grassroots environmental network.

We believe that history is on our side. The most far-sighted politicians and businesses are already with us, and our role in growing people power will help to influence many more.

A world where the next generation can enjoy a healthy environment that gives them the chance of a flourishing life is within our grasp, because while people might have caused our problems, people can fix them too.

Craig Bennett, Chief Executive Officer. July 2016