Take The Ditch Diesel pledge – mobilising thousands to take action

At the heart of our vision for clean air is the need for the UK to phase out diesel. That’s why we're asking people across the country to sign a pledge which commits the UK to taking diesel off the roads by 2025.

When a huge number of people have given their names, we’ll present the pledge to decision-makers to demonstrate a groundswell of support for ditching diesel.

Sign the pledge online at act.foe.co.uk/ditchdiesel.

You can also print copies of the pledge and encourage people in your community to sign up.

We need to bring as many people into the campaign as possible. This pledge has been designed to encourage tens of thousands of people to get involved as a first step to being part of the campaign.

Once people sign the pledge online, they’ll be encouraged to take another step to tackle air pollution, and given more ways they can get involved.

Please share the pledge as far and wide as you can to help us grow the reach. There are buttons once you’ve signed the pledge that you can use to share it easily online, or you can just tweet the link above with the hashtag #ditchdiesel.

There are action cards available which you can use to collect signatures to the pledge near you. The cards include a tear-off section which lets people know what else they can do, including contacting their local group and logging on to this guide.

You could hold a stall on your local high street, or give them to friends, family and neighbours to sign. Order postcards and leaflets about the campaign

There are all sorts of options for using the action cards locally to raise awareness about the dangers of air pollution and increase support for ditching diesel.

Top tips

  • Ask people to give the signed part back to you there and then if they're willing, rather than taking it away. They can then take home the tear-off half which has tips for avoiding and reducing air pollution.
  • It's also worth trying out a few different opening lines to see which are most effective as ice breakers.