Our vision and goal

Our vision is a healthy environment that provides a flourishing life for current and future generations. 

We’re optimistic and ambitious about how fast we can reach our vision, but we can’t fix everything instantly. So we’ve set a medium term goal to provide focus for everything we do: 

By 2030, the next generation will enjoy an environment that’s getting better: a safer climate, flourishing nature, and healthy air, water and food. 

If we’re to have any hope of protecting the people hardest hit by environmental degradation now, and of turning things around for the next generation we need to act with extreme urgency: justice demands it. It’s a massive job, and not one that can be put off for another day. The babies and toddlers who will be young adults by 2030 are already with us, and they, their families and communities are already bearing the burden of a degraded environment. It’s a burden that’s not shared evenly: for those most affected, it is literally a matter of life and death. 

Friends of the Earth England, Wales and Northern Ireland has most power to make change in the UK. This is a role with global implications, given the UK’s disproportionate current and historical responsibilities for causing global environmental damage. Notwithstanding the uncertain implications of Brexit and the rapid shift of geopolitical power to China, India and elsewhere, the UK’s actions are still influential on a global stage. By getting our own house in order, we’ll make a significant contribution to turning things around for the next generation not just here, but around the world. We’ll further address the UK’s global impact through collaboration with others around the world, as part of the millions-strong Friends of the Earth International federation. 

This is an organisational strategy for Friends of the Earth England, Wales and Northern Ireland (and does not represent the totality of our views about the wider world). It is shared by Friends of the Earth Trust and Friends of the Earth Limited and covers the period 2016-2020. In that time we need to make rapid progress towards our 2030 goal – and to invest in the changes that will set us up for even greater success from 2021 onwards.