Week of Action 24 June – 2 July. It’s time for Clean Air Everywhere.

Air pollution in our towns and cities is a killer that affects children, older people and people in poorer areas worst. This June, be part of a crucial moment for change and demand Clean Air Everywhere.

Air pollution is a killer

Every year, outdoor air pollution causes around 40,000 early deaths in the UK. It’s a health risk to us all. But it's children, older people and people in poorer areas who are affected the most. 

Over the last few months, the pressure for change has been building. Thousands have uncovered the truth about air pollution where they live via our popular Clean Air Kits. Many more have demanded an end to diesel vehicles on our roads. And environmental lawyers have recently taken the Government to court for a third time over its inadequate response to this national health crisis. 

With the political spotlight on the issue, we’ve now reached a crucial moment in the fight for clean air

The Government last month published its draft plan to bring air pollution down to legal levels. The plan doesn’t go nearly far enough, and there’s a glaring omission – so-called ‘Clean Air Zones’ are nowhere to be seen. 

We desperately need Clean Air Zones (areas which deter or restrict the dirtiest vehicles) to clean the air in our towns and cities quickly. The Government’s draft plan says as much. 

But, unbelievably, the draft plan doesn’t recommend Clean Air Zones for the dozens of towns and cities expected to have with illegal pollution for many years to come. It’s woefully inadequate, and we have to get this changed in the final plan due in July. 

A Week of Action for Clean Air Everywhere

That’s why we need a Week of Action, to tell the Government that we deserve better. Not just in London and in our major cities, but everywhere. The data gathered by thousands of citizen scientists using our Clean Air Kits shows that air quality is worryingly poor in hundreds of council areas. No matter where we live, we all deserve clean air.  

With a strong call this June, we can bring in thousands more people into the campaign, put air pollution high up the agenda for newly elected MPs, and show the Government that we’re not prepared to wait any longer.  

So join us in showing the Government how it’s done, by creating a ‘Clean Air Zone’ where you are. Whether your action is small and symbolic or dramatic in scale, this is our chance to act out the clean air future we want to see.

Our friends, our family, and our children deserve air that is safe to breathe. Join us this June, and help us deliver it. 

Ollie Hayes, 

Campaign Lead, Clean Air
Friends of the Earth  

In this guide

In this guide you’ll find ideas, resources and tactics to help you make your action a success, whether you’re a seasoned campaigner, or totally new to the issue. From action ideas to how to lobby your MP, we’ve got it covered. 

Thanks for logging on to this guide and choosing to take action for clean air. If you have any questions or comments, please contact us at cleanair@foe.co.uk.

Soon we'll be publishing a map of all the events going on up and down the country – keep your eyes peeled.