Quick things you can do from your living room

Add your name to petitions

One very simple but effective action to take is to sign petitions against fracking.

You can find our latest online petitions against fracking here.

During the successful anti-fracking campaign in Lancashire we were able to deliver over 90,000 signatures from across the UK from Friends of the Earth and Avaaz supporters against fracking in Lancashire.

This really helped to demonstrate to the council that this was an issue of national significance and really helped us to get local media coverage and raise the profile of this campaign.

There was also a series of local petitions and letter to the council from local residents. 

The combination of these national and local petitions was a really powerful tool to lobby Lancashire council. 

Spread the word

On social media

By sharing these actions and petitions on social media you can help spread the word and make a much bigger impact.

If everyone signing our petition could get 5 others to sign, the message to reciprient will be much more powerful.

In your neighbourhood

Another really quick and easy thing you can do is to put a window poster where you live or in your local library, college, workplace etc. You can order these and other free materials here.

Keep up to date

There are plenty of sites that you can use to keep up to date on what’s happening on fracking and to share the latest developments.


Speaking to people in your local area about the risks of fracking is one of the best ways to get more people on your side.

Think about what kind of things will speak most to your local community – for example if you live in a rural area it might be the impact on the local environment and farming produce, or in a populated area it might be the health risks of contaminated water.

Raising awareness can be anything from running stalls to public meetings, organising film screenings and getting the message out in local media.

Ordinary people organising local campaigns have kept the UK frack free for the past five years. 

Here are some tips on how you can campaign for long term change:


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  • Share your pictures and stories on social media, and if you’re a tweeter, remember to tweet at @wwwfoecouk so that we can pick it up and see what you’re up to (and share with our followers!).
  • Join the Friends of the Earth Climate Campaigns Facebook group to share stories and talk to other local activists and groups.
  • Send in your stories and pictures to fracking@foe.co.uk – we’d love to see them and share them as widely as possible to inspire more people to get involved.