Getting media coverage is one of the best ways to reach people with your message and put pressure on local politicians.

A local paper is read by thousands. Regional radio reaches thousands of homes and a national TV news programme can be watched by millions. 

The trick is to provide timely and engaging stories in a way that they can be easily picked up by local media sources. When you have a story a stunt or an event that you want to share, send copy of your press release to the news desk and to named contacts.

Note: we'll be adding a template press release to this page soon which you can adapt and use. Write to if you'd like advice on working with the media in the meantime.

Follow it up with a phone call to check they’ve received it and ask if they would like any other information. This is a good way to build a relationship with your local journalists.

As a rough guide, the best time to contact a daily paper is in the morning or early afternoon – journalists will be busy writing up stories in the late afternoon. For weekly papers that go out on a Friday it’s best to call early in the week.

Whatever your news story is, draw out any elements that are:

  • Timely/topical
  • Building on an existing story
  • Relevant for the audience (e.g. about your local area for local media outlets)
  • Controversial, unusual, unique or humorous
  • Involving a local celebrity could also help you to get coverage.

The more imaginative or eye-catching your story, the more likely you are to get coverage.