Action #1: Create a 'Clean Air Zone' in a public place 

People needed: 3+ 

What you'll need: Clean Air Action Pack with leaflets, action cards, balloons and stickers. Print off our Clean Air FAQ sheet to help you answer questions. And don't forget some pens and a camera/video camera. 

Are you great at engaging with the public and local politicians ? Then look out for any events near you where you could run a stall during the week of action and make it your very own Clean Air Zone. Use our balloons, create your own posters, or even bring dust masks to really grab people's attention.  

Once you've settled on a date and place, promote it on social media or by putting up flyers, and crucially send a press release (see our media section for an example) to any local paper ahead of time. 

Think about personally inviting your MP to come along, giving them an opportunity to talk to people in their constituency about their commitment to making our air clean. Don't forget to use our MP prop once they're there, and to take loads of photos to share on social media using the hashtag #CleanAirEverywhere.  

Once you've got people engaged about air pollution, chances are they'll want to do something to help put pressure on the government. So make sure to order some action cards for people to sign on the day. Check out our eye-catching stunts and stalls page for more tips. 

A couple of things you might want to bear in mind are: 

  • Stay in a public space – for maximum traffic and to keep things on the right side of the law 

  • Check what permissions you might need – Different local authorities have different approaches to this, so check your council’s website about their policy or speak to a council staff member before you finalise your plans.  Some councils will allow you to arrange permission for a stall in advance, occasionally for a small fee – however the location may be restricted. A common policy in city/ town centres is not to allow flyering, so this means in most places you should be able to have a presence that involves encouraging people towards a stall, and allowing them to pick up information if you’ve had a conversation with them. It’s important to check your council’s policy, as there can be fines for flyering other than from your stall.  


Mark out your own 'Clean Air Zone' in a public place 

Take the stall idea and go one step further: turn a public space into your own 'Clean Air Zone'. Use our Clean Air Everywhere bunting to mark out a space in a suitable square or park and fill it with things you want to see in your clean air future. Bring along pot plants and trees and fill it with greenery. You could also plan a plant giveaway for the end of the day to encourage people to sign the action cards. Here's a guide Winchester Friends of the Earth made to the best plants for cleaning air pollution. 

Have your bike there to show the sort of clean transport we should be promoting in our cities. If you've got the skills within your group, you could even run a 'Clean Air Zone' bike repair workshop to get the conversation started with people. 

Action #2: Close your street to traffic for the day and experience a 'Clean Air Zone' for yourself.  

People needed: 10+, including a good group of your neighbours. On the day you'll need stewards to keep your road safe, ideally local residents who children are familiar with. 

What you'll need: Permission from your council, support of your neighbours, decorations (e.g. Clean Air Everywhere bunting and balloons). 

Reclaim your street and organise a 'Clean Air Zone' playing out day in your area. This is when a residential street is closed to traffic for a few hours, allowing children to play safely and freely and for neighbours to meet and get to know each other.  

It's a great way to raise awareness of the issue and bring the community together. You'll need to get your neighbours on board first then contact your local council to apply to close your street.  

You could also combine it with a stall and encourage people to sign the Clean Air Everywhere action cards at the same time. 

They’re simple to organise and there’s lots of guidance and support on our Playing Out day page

Action #3: Take action straight from your living room by signing our call for Clean Air Everywhere – watch this space for a link to the action.

The more people add their names and ask the government to clean up our air, the more pressure they'll feel to create Clean Air Zones around the country.  

Don't forget to spread the word by sharing it on social media using the hashtag #CleanAirEverywhere, emailing the link to your friends and family, or simply talking about it to others.  

Action #4: Your own ideas – this could be any way of showing the demand for Clean Air Everywhere. 

We’ve given you our ideas, but we also know that you’re bound to have loads of your own.  If you've thought of your own way to highlight the issue of air pollution or take action for clean air where you are, we'd love to hear them. 
It could be a public meeting, clean air-themed party, letter writing campaign or creative stunt. Whatever it is, let us know what you're planning to do by filling in the sign up form or emailing so we can spread the word.